Menace in Europe


“Chilling, persuasive, and urgent. Most Americans prefer to think of ‘The Old World’ as charming, quaint, and irrelevant, but Berlinski shows why all of us need to worry about the harrowing dangers facing European civilization.”

Michael Medved, nationally syndicated talk show host

“Original, fascinating, and important. With deep knowledge and fresh insight, Berlinski shows how some of the problems swirling in Europe (such as nihilism and neo-Nazism) echo patterns from the distant past, while others (welfarism, childlessness, and Islamism) are novel. She warns non-Europeans: the region that nearly devastated the world in the twentieth century threatens again to inflict grievous damage in the twenty-first.”

Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum

“Serious, well researched-and riveting. More than a piercing alarm over Muslim radicalism in Europe, this thoughtful book takes us on a tour of the continent’s spiritual crisis. Berlinski weaves sociological insight and helpful historical analysis into accounts of everything from the sexual underside of immigration to the dynamics of assassination to Europe’s cities without children to its self-extinguishing tolerance.”

Stanley Kurtz, contributing editor at National Review Online

Old Europe’s new crisis.

Europe, the charming continent of windmills and gondolas. But lately, Europe has become the continent of endless strikes and demonstrations, bombs on the trains and subways, radical Islamic cells in every city, and ghettos so hopeless and violent even the police won’t enter them. In Spain, a terrorist attack prompts instant capitulation to the terrorists’ demands. In France, the suburbs go up in flames every night. In Holland, politicians and artists are murdered for speaking frankly about Islamic immigration.


What’s going on over there?

Traveling overland from London to Istanbul, journalist Claire Berlinski shows why the Continent has lately appeared so bewildering-and often so thoroughly obnoxious-to Americans. Speaking to Muslim immigrants, German rock stars, French cops, and Italian women who have better things to do than have children, she finds that Europe is still, despite everything, in the grip of the same old ancient demons. Anyone who knows the history can sense it: There is something ugly-and familiar-in the air.

But something new is happening as well. Indeed, Europe now confronts-and seems unable to cope with-an entirely new set of troubles. Tracing the ancient conflicts and newly erupting crises, Menace in Europe asks:

  • Why Islamic radicalism and terrorist indoctrination flourish as Europe fails to assimilate millions of Muslim immigrants
  • How plummeting birthrates hurtle Europe toward economic and cultural catastrophe
  • Why hatred of America has become ubiquitous-on Europe’s streets, in its books, newspapers, and music, and at the highest levels of government
  • How long-repressed destructive instincts are suddenly reemerging
  • How the death of religious faith has created a hopeless, morally unmoored Europe that clings to anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, and other dangerous ideologies
  • Why the notion of a united Europe is a fantasy and what that means for the United States

Claire Berlinski provocatively answers that these are in fact all the samequestion. Europe’s political and cultural crisis, she argues, mirror its profound moral and spiritual crisis.

This is not just Europe’s problem. Menace in Europe makes clear that the spiritual void at the heart of Europe is ultimately our problem too. And America will pay a terrible price if we continue to ignore it.

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Menace in Europe was published on February 28, 2006. Check the announcements page for information about Claire Berlinski’s upcoming television and radio appearances.