About Claire Berlinski


CLAIRE BERLINSKI WAS born in 1968 in California, and grew up in New York, Seattle, and California. She received her undergraduate degree in Modern History and her doctorate in International Relations from Balliol College at Oxford University. She has since lived and worked in Britain, Thailand, Laos, Turkey, the United States, and France as a journalist, novelist, historian, travel writer, biographer, consultant, and freelance writer.

She is the author of four books: two spy novels, a biography of Margaret Thatcher, and a book about European politics. She has also published several extended essays and novellas. You can buy her books here.

Her journalism has been widely published in the American, the American Interest, the American Review, Arabies Trends, Asia Times, Azure, the Browser, City A.M., Causeur, City Journal, First Post, the Claremont Review of Books, the Financial Times, the Globe and Mail, the Guardian, Investor’s Business Daily, the Los Angeles Times, Manager, the Middle East Journal of International Affairs, Mosaic, the National Review, the New York Times, Penthouse, Policy Review, Politico, Radio Free Europe, Standpoint, Tablet, the Tower, the National, the National Interest, National Review, the New York Sun, the New York Times, the Oxford International Review, the Spectator, Time, Ricochet, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Washington Times Communities, The Weekly Standard, Travel & Leisure, Traveler’s Tales, and World Affairs Journal; as well as numerous blogs, anthologies and encyclopedias. She is an occasional guest on local and international radio and television shows. Her journalism portfolio is here.

She is now writing a crowd-funded multimedia book and reporting project about Europe in the Age of Trump. Learn more about it here, and read her blog about European politics, Brave Old World, here.

After living for nearly a decade in Istanbul, she now lives in Paris with a menagerie of adopted stray animals.

Contact Claire Berlinski on this site, or at Claire at Berlinski.com

Novelist, essayist, journalist, historian, travel writer, biographer, critic